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Kate the owner /trainer of Top Dog Training transformed my dog Amy from a  aggressive behavior style into a well mannered dog. Through three sessions, Amy learned over 12 commands including how to stop her charging the fence when my neighbors dog was allowed out! Katie's style is positive reinforcement which proved to be the key for change in my dog as Amy is a rescue and in her previous life had been abused.
I really enjoyed our training time together as Katie has the patience and humor that makes her the perfect person to deal with owners as well as all types of dogs. I will forever be in her debt!


Katie was so helpful and understanding.  Our puppy had a few issues including jumping, biting and pulling on the leash.  House training was also something that needed to be addressed.  I was taught all the necessary skills to be her leader, not her mommy, and how to stop all her bad behaviors.  Thank you Katie for all your guidance.


I contacted Katie from Top Dog Training in Mint Hill because we needed help with our newly adopted 4 year old border collie Niko, that we rescued from the humane society and her yelp rating was excellent.  We were having difficulty with him pulling while walking, integrating with our 2 daughters 7 & 11 and some other basic manners. As with her other clients, we were able to immediately see results from the techniques that she showed us, which we continue to use daily.  We are so glad that we contacted Katie because we didn't want to have to let go of our new family member due to issues that occurred in his past beyond his control. We will definitely use her services again if we ever need them.

You won't be disappointed with your results.  Give Katie a call! (704) 654-9811

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