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"Katie did a simply amazing job with our dog Mabel.  She was kind yet firm (with Mabel and us!), and gave us detailed instruction on how to fix problems and reduce our dog's anxiety.  She was particularly effective and breaking down the details of what we were supposed to do (little differences matter) so Mabel could learn more quickly.  She was great to work with and we learned a ton.  Recommend very highly and without reservation."


I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Katie! I contacted Katie after our doggie daycare reported some "aggression" issues with our 2-year old Shepherd mix, Myka. Katie was wonderful and really helped us better understand Myka's behavior and how to work with her to make her a more confident/secure and well-behaved dog. We worked on basic obedience training and leash manners with great success, but even more than that it was learning about body language and behaviors... and learning that what some people take for aggression can actually be fear/anxiety/insecurity. One other thing that was invaluable was that Katie recognized that Myka is not as confident when I am handling her as opposed to my boyfriend. I had never picked up on that before and just thought she was having good days and bad days, not that she was fearful/anxious when I was handling her. Being aware of this and everything else Katie showed us really leaves me feeling confident that we are on the right track and have the tools to continue working with Myka to make her a more calm/relaxed and well-behaved dog. And its nice to know Katie is only a phone call away if I have a question or if we need a couple extra lessons down the road.


Katie used positive reinforcement to teach our 7-month-old cockapoo better behavior, including not jumping on visitors, pulling on his leash or taking "people" food. She easily connected with him and helped us improve our human-dog communication. Also her schedule was flexible and she was punctual. Thanks!

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