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leilaI was thrilled when I discovered Top Dog and owner/trainer Katie Ball. I had rescued a 5 year old English Setter with no experience living in a home. I was overwhelmed with house-breaking and the correct way to teach the basic sit, stay, come, etc. What a difference consistent, positive training makes! Thanks to Katie, Leila has her forever home and I have a well-mannered, loving addition to my family.


Katie is a wonderful instructor. She helped me with Martin to attain his Rally Novice title with great training and skills. Martin had little prior obedience training but Katie was so motivational and positive that Martin adored working with her. I would highly recommend her for obedience and rally training. I have known Katie for years and respect her training abilities.


"Katie did a simply amazing job with our dog Mabel.  She was kind yet firm (with Mabel and us!), and gave us detailed instruction on how to fix problems and reduce our dog's anxiety.  She was particularly effective and breaking down the details of what we were supposed to do (little differences matter) so Mabel could learn more quickly.  She was great to work with and we learned a ton.  Recommend very highly and without reservation."

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