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Upon our veterinarian's recommendation, we hired Katy to assist with some bad behavior our 11 month-old puppy just couldn't seem to get right. Words cannot describe how well things went and how happy we are.

She was amazing, a true "dog whisperer." She showed us how to change a behavior, then made us practice it before she left.

There were three sessions, two at our home and one at a large park with lots of other dogs. All were extremely helpful.

We highly recommend her and will bring her back if any new issue comes up.


Thank you for helping me with my standard poodle. I dreaded walking him because he was out of control when he saw another dog, squirrel, etc.

On our last walk he was a perfect gentleman!

Carol and Randy

We thank Katie Ball for showing us how to train our puppy, Jasper. She uses only positive, reward and praise based techniques and Jasper loves her. Katie is very organized and methodical in her training. She welcomes questions and helps with current challenges. She is the most punctual person I know. She also told us about other resources including a great groomer and source for high quality dog food. We highly recommend Katie's services to other pet owners.

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