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In need of a Puppy or Dog Trainer in the Charlotte, Mint Hill, Matthews, Harrisburg areas? Look no further than Top Dog!

Starting puppy training early is the best way to avoid behavioral issues.  For the first 16 weeks of your puppy's life it will naturally follow a leader. Start training your puppy as soon as you bring it into your home. The puppy will bond quickly with the family and be willing to form good habits before bad ones develop. I can educate you and your puppy together to form a strong bond and learn basic obedience. Training should be enjoyable and rewarding to both of you working together as a team. All training is done with positive techniques which gives the puppy incentive to please you.  The puppy will want to learn more because the he or she enjoys the time spent with you.
If your puppy has grown up and you are having problems, or just want to form a stronger relationship with your dog, Katie can help there, too.  Almost any dog breed can be trained at any age.
I use positive reinforcement, praise, and treats to teach your dog new behaviors.  No harsh methods!
Whatever your goals, we will start with basic obedience training.  This will build a foundation for any activity, behavior, or job you want your dog to do.  I will work with both you and your dog as a team.  Let me show you how proper training and behavior rehab can improve the relationship you have with your dog and turn your pet into a well balanced, happy member of the family.

Training is a fun and rewarding experience for you and your dog!

Does your dog overwhelm visitors?  Is your dog hard to control? 
Katie can help - Get Started Today!  Reasonable Rates!
Check the News page for some tips.
Please call or email with any questions you may have.

Customized Individual Dog Training to Suit your needs - Katie can help in the following areas and more!

Basic Obedience:
Sit, Wait, Down, Stay, Come, Place, Crate Training, Puppy Manners, Potty Training
Behavioral issues:
Pulling on the leash during walk, Dashing through the door, Jumping on visitors, Socialization, Destruction, Barking,
 House soiling, Counter surfing for food, Resource guarding food or toys

Dog Training Rates:

In most cases the consultation is by phone - FREE
In-home consultations $70 per hour.
The hourly training rate is $85.

Contact Katie:

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    Karen - Katie helped me with separation anxiety in the obedience ring with my Cocker Spaniel, Sandy. Because of her help, I grew to love the obedience ring and Sandy received her AKC and UKC... Read More

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    Libby - What a difference consistent, positive training makes! Thanks to Katie, Leila has her forever home and I have a well-mannered, loving addition to my family.... Read More

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    Nancy - I would highly recommend her for obedience and rally training. I have known Katie for years and respect her training abilities. ... Read More

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